Carved Church Pews


Featuring the wood carving of Nebraska artist Cindy Chinn

Cindy Chinn carvingI was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and received scholarships for painting and sculpture at an early age.

I have always been creative but didn’t start painting until I was fourteen, this is when I found my true calling.

I started at the Academy of Art in SF when I was sixteen, where I studied mainly sculpture and jewelry, hanging up the oils to let them dry, so to speak.

Many years and many art careers later I have decided to hang up the sculpture tools and start painting on stretched canvas again. This time with acrylics, I have found a new love to nurture.

A mural commission took me to St. Maarten and was the beginning of a new focus in my artwork. It's time to focus on fine art and see where my journey takes me!

I began to look at church pews in a new light while I was attending auctions and seeing these memorable pieces of furniture get sold off with little or no care. I started buying some when I could find them and have began to give them a new life as a recycled art project.

Please visit my fine art website to view more of work and paintings.

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