This page shows any projects that are recently completed or in progress.

Complete: Four Foot Hand Carved Church Pew: "Come Boldy Into The Throne of Grace"


This pew is for the mother of the client who commissioned the pew listed below. It features a staircase leading up to the Throne of God with columns on either side. This pew will also have a glass mosiac back. Follow the progress here.

Hand Carved Church Pew - Throne of God

Complete: Four Foot Hand Carved Church Pew: "By His Stripes We Are Healed"

This pew is for a client in Oklahama and will feature the outstretched arms of Christ and feature the above quote from Isaiah 53:5. You can follow along with Cindy's progress on her blog page here.

Hand Carved Church Pew- Jesus

Completed: "Carved Buffet Panel"

Although this isn't a church pew, I recevied this commision after a client saw the Resurrection Pew. I've been commissioned to complete a 60" x26" cherry panel for a custom buffet. View the project on Cindy's blog.

Hand Carved Cherry Wood Buffet Panel

On Hold Project: "The Last Supper" carved oak recycled church pew. (on hold for now)

Hard carved church pew

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